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Finally Paul Scholes also emphasized that defense may

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20:02, Feb 09 2015

cheap fifa 15 coins Finally Paul Scholes also emphasized that defense may become hidden to achieve good results, "keep in mind that we have lost Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic, Patrice Evra, Ryan Giggs and the others, they are all great players with experience, who won 30 titles in total. This summer we introduced Shaw, Herrera and Matta, Fellaini introduced last season have not won in the Premier League experience. Our defence had Jones, Evans, Smalling, but do we really need to be further strengthened, you know we lost the great defender, defender Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic can get midfield play more relaxed, because you believe their defense capabilities. And now United's midfield is not this freely, perhaps because of our confidence in defence down.
"This is not just for the Old Trafford match day, even drove to the base before the competition venue at Carrington, players need to collectively wait for bus will take them to the game, and just before they boarded the bus, and they need to interact with the fans who came to watch. Louis van Gaal has also asked Falcao gets out to communicate with fans and took group photos with the fans, it's a good thing. ”

Coach van Gaal is more focused on human nature, he asked the players to interact more with the fans outside, nor particularly care that the players demands. During the Christmas campaign, van Gaal to change tradition, in a game the day before, which is Christmas day, give the team a day off.

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20:47, Mar 12 2015

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03:49, Aug 30 2016

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