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04:50, Dec 11 2013

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Parajumpers Online ShopWhat is the deal with Mitch Kramer grabbing his nose? My friends and I always wondered what was going on there.What's that about? We imagined a future drinking game! No,I'm kidding. I just thought it was kind of an awkward gesture. I'm the director,so it's on me! That's a thing people only notice if it's the third time you watch it. I just thought it was that young,awkward man kind of thing. Maybe it was one or two too many. [Laughs]Was the cast really high during a lot of the film?No,no ... They shouldn't have been. There was definitely a prohibition against alcohol and drugs. It's a '70s movie,but we didn't shoot in the '70s,so you can't be stoned while we shoot. I'm pretty straight edge in that regard.
Veste Canada GooseThere was no vote last year, but most Tories would have refused to back him given the chance.? Andrew Grice in the Independent says a survey shows that 25% of voters confuse Ed Miliband with his brother David.One in four people thinks Ed Miliband is his elder brother David. A similar proportion of voters believe that David is actually Ed. Nine months into his leadership of the Labour party, the findings of the ComRes survey for The Independent do not paint a flattering picture for Ed Miliband, as he steps up his efforts to convince the people that he is a prime minister-in-waiting.Other members of his shadow cabinet are even more anonymous. The only good news is for Ed Balls, the combative shadow chancellor who stood against the Milibands for the Labour leadership last year, and who appears to have made more of an impact on the electorate than the two brothers.
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