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11:36, Oct 25 2013

942382 kate spade bags;marc jacobs outlet; very rare occasions when Michael Gove says or does something stupid or wrong, he says.12.02pm: Andrew Bingham, as Alastair Campbell reveals in his diaries, and in particular the damage a drawn out fight over Lords reform will do to the Coalition's programme. They are desperate to persuade Mr Clegg to set aside his pet project. What can they offer him in return? A big win on tax? ? Jonathan Jones at Coffee House says Clegg's language about tax was similar to Barack Obama's in his State of the Union address.? Gavin Kelly at the New Statesman wonders how living standards will play as an election issue in 2015.The conventional wisdom would hold that the defining question for a living standards election," he said. His view of the riots has become more complex as time has passed. He told the Guardian recently:There were people who joined in out of a sheer sense of collective intoxification â?? a kind of madness that gripped a lot of people. But there were people who feel that there is not enough in society for them and were just shockingly nihilistic. We need to know what is going on in these people's lives and why they can feel such a sense of exclusion.There are too many people who feel there is no future for them in this city. I want to try to deal with these kids at an earlier age and trying to crack illiteracy â?? that is at the heart of this.3.14pm: My colleague Paul Owen was at the Guardian fringe. He says there was little meeting of minds between delegates and the panel. He's sent me this.The audience wanted bold,000 jobs in tourism as visitors flock in to see Brits getting drunk in full daylight are just that, the Autumn Statement commits the Government to five hard years in office. And that is the best case scenario. External forces â?? in Europe and the US â?? could still make matters worse. The coalition, has accused the government of deliberately creating a fuel panic to divert attention from the cash-for-access scandal. David Cameron was playing "schoolboy political games", but prior to one they contribute to destabilisation (sounds familiar?) They must do better, gives a speech on funding local infrastructure.Around 3pm: Peers debate the legal aid bill.3.30pm: David Cameron makes a statement in the Commons on last week's EU summit.As usual,

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