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06:37, Sep 08 2013

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Recommendations for dressing out of a backpack?

For the next two months (possibly longer) I need to live/work out of one bag. I'll be traveling for most of that time, with places to stay (no tods mens shoes need for a sleeping bag or the like). What I need to figure out is clothing. I'm bad at clothes. I know there are great wicking fabrics and lightweight travel garments out there, and that they're improving all the time. (I'm moncler sale uk ready to do sink laundry every evening.) As of spring 2013, how can I best use my 26 liters of space to keep myself clad? [more inside]

I am attending a two day long event at a graduate woolrich jassen outlet program in International Affairs in my local area. It is for students who have made it through the first round of admissions. Interviews and some other assessments will be conducted at this event, but there will be many opportunities for them to try to sell their graduate program to us. The event is this Friday and Saturday, and the dress code called for is simply business casual. For what it's worth, this program is in the South.

The problem is that since I am a local candidate, I will be biking to the event. I don't fancy biking in my dress shoes, and somehow carrying my leather portfolio along the <a href="http://www.photo2video.co.uk/moncleroutlet/">moncler sale uk</a> way. I imagine I'll be bringing my backpack in order to switch out my shoes and carry my portfolio. How hollister pas cher france much of a faux pas do you imagine this might be?

posted by SollosQ

on Feb 28, 2013

Baby on a bus situation

So it looks like I might need to start taking the baby on the bus to her daycare, which is downtown. I say baby she's pretty much a toddler now, tiffany bracelet being just under one and a half, and pretty squirmy with it to. My preferred travel option with her when on foot is to put her in a backpack, which she loves and which chills her right out, but we also have a stroller. So what is the best way to carry her on the bus? I've considered just standing with her in the backpack the whole way, but it seems like there might be a safety concern. There's taking the backpack off and keeping her in it, which seems like it might have similar concerns. Taking her right out of the backpack and putting her in my lap seems like it might be the most safety conscious option, but that assumes a seat and that she will stay put that later condition being highly unlikely. And then it <a href="http://www.photo2video.co.uk/tiffanyuk/">tiffany bracelet</a> may be the same deal with the stroller. <a href="http://www.postzegels-poststukken.eu/woolrichjassen/">woolrich jassen outlet</a> Thoughts?

posted by Artw

on Aug 31, 2012

What kind of luggage to take interrailing in Europe

In October we're going travelling around western Europe by train for several weeks and I need to buy some kind of luggage. I had thought that a 3545 <a href="http://www.photo2video.co.uk/todsshoes/">tods mens shoes</a> litre backpack would be about right, sizewise and for portability. But I've heard from people with direct experience that pickpockets are a big problem in several of the places we're going and that makes backpacks a bad idea. So what kind <a href="http://www.karocchio.eu/hollisterfrance/">hollister pas cher france</a> of luggage should I use that will be reasonable to carry around but still secure given we're changing locations (and thus hotels) regularly. [more inside]

posted by shelleycat

on Jul 26, 2012

this backpack will ease my pain

looking for a backpack/briefcase combination (handle on side when carrying horizontally/shoulder strap, or wear on back vertically). Any ideas? Thanks!

The important thing is that there should be 3 ways to carry it (handle on horizontal side; shoulder strap on vertical or horizontal side, and backpacking straps to wear vertically on your back).

After extensive online browsing i've seen backpacks that come close (usually shoulder strap/backpack straps but no side handle).

Can I get away with hiking without backpack? I'm going on a trip soon, and there might be hiking involved. But, I also want to pack superlight, and don't really want to bring my hiking pack (it's a 30L pack, so it does take up some space). I've tried stowaway backpacks before but they are rarely comfortable. If I'm just bringing water, a clif bar, and my ID, do I really need a backpack? can I get away with a canvas tote? [more inside].

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