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Private circle of friends no longer: true and false friends mix some people choose to block
from keen to 'shield', the micro-channel these popular social networking platform, we have been more rational or boring it? Journalism and Communication School of China University of Political Science Yao Ze Professor Jin Fu accept the 'Legal Evening News' interview, said: 'With the micro-channel like wildfire captured people's phones, circle of friends once the Private positioning also experiencing challenges and counter-challenges.' Friend add about micro letter it micro-channel birth, as a mobile instant messaging tool QQ its location on the computer like, is a social tool acquaintance. So original form circle of friends, is the migration from SMS, QQ or Fetion friends over one coterie regular contact with each other to share life bit by bit. Micro-channel with the rise of the mobile phone networks and the rise of Yao Zetsche said that now, more and more people will micro letter as a short alternative tool, not only friends and relatives often linked, classmates colleague, acquaintance, side of the edge of the strike who They have also come up with a mobile phone, to say to you: add about micro believe it! Plus micro-letters, it seems nowadays a social habit. Because young scholars Miao know that: 'convenient technology does not automatically lead to a deep friendship in the past, 'different phase for the plan' circle of friends formed automatic filter, if only acquaintances such as colleagues, might in the private life. never in contact with. But now Kaoru Caryopteris different devices, with the piece under 'Internet Knight' roof, observe each other's lives and experiences has become the norm. 'Not everyone is willing to accept or use of this Active social networking platform, in an interview, Miao know because frankly, he usually would not micro-letters, 'the letter to the reputation of the micro circle of friends also can not afford to hang appetite, if someday start using micro letter, it is estimated that use it as an SMS The enhanced version of use. Air Jordan 19 'Bartholomew explained because know, some people, especially those Zilai Shu, lest' friends 'little man, always keen to maximize this type of network software. Snoop and exposure Not everyone receptive to maximize not just software functionality, there may be interest demands the service provider. Miao know because it noted that the various service providers for their own customer relationships and big demand, but also tend to be people trying to Recommend a friend of a friend, your friend might, whom you might be interested in and so on. So there have been many embarrassing scenes. A few days ago also saw someone tucao be forwarded people: a stupid Mouwang you what, why do not you think so and so now I have six mutual friend and we were not friends, I want you recommend? Enforced 'When a friend 'frustration and anger leap off the paper. In addition to full benefits people unhappy, but beyond a safe distance relationships will make people produce Air Jordan Others psychological conflict. Yao Zetsche said: 'An individual name of your chat list lying, in fact, with the phone address book of a business card, and no difference if only limited to this, people will not have any trouble but the problem is that this one individual. name, circle of friends spy on your side dynamics, while you expose him to their living conditions - and this too intimate state, not everyone is willing to accept 'in order to more clearly illustrate the problem, interpersonal distance theory the Hall of Yao Zetsche explains there are four distance between people: 1 public distance, one-way communication (such as speech) away with strangers, 3.6-7.6 meters. 2. The social distance from the non-private two-way communication, such as the official talk between colleagues, talk with your doctor, salesman, 1.2-3.6 meters. 3. Private distance, distance between friends, 0.45 m -1.2 m. 4. The distance Air Jordan 8 Retro from the intimate, family, very close friends, lovers, between husband and wife, 0 to 0.45 meters. 'When people cross the demarcation good distance, people will feel uneasy, even violated. A friend is your definition of ordinary people, Air Jordan Others to direct contact with you, probably even friends have done.' Yao Zetsche said. Not only the physical distance that, especially the psychological distance between people. For the favor he had to add a variety of micro-letter friends, most people outside the private distance - you have a supermarket clerk to show your Private photos it? You're the salesperson emotions will have little interest in it? For those who are not close enough psychological distance, what people will display their private life out of it? And Nike Lunar Haze why must receive Nike Free information from these people Air Jordan Fusion do? All do not mind when the 'friend' compared to the real world, the virtual world of the Internet, the psychological distance may be slightly changed, especially with the rise of the mobile phone network, we would have been very easy with only one side of the border who continue to build communication, with the ever present since the wave of enemy hereby to keep the stretch of collusion. Miao explained due to known, commercial forces behind social networking platform will not mind the distance between the subtle emotions of these people. Make friends lovers, enthusiasts will continue to show self-duck utilize these platforms, whether it is used to share travel scenery, adorable baby photos, cultivating ideas or health knowledge. He was made a little unhappy silent majority how to do? For the 'social platform will decline it?' This question, Miao know that the reason I am afraid that is not necessarily, at least operators will develop more powerful, more 'intimate' refinement masking capabilities to offset the number of people on the 'Friends flood' of fear . There will be bad money drives out good money, bad money drives out good money, or what? SMS is perhaps a former monk can refer. Now in addition to fear of offending any potential customer's business market participants, very few people really give everyone contacts send congratulation messages on it. Spring Festival is also openly sing the 'bulk SMS I do not return,' caused the audience a knowing smile. On this basis, the crown on the name of the addressee messages became more polite way of a New Year. Really 'afraid of confinement.' Social platform will so be it. Perhaps one day, people can be more rational, unbiased look at this way communication. Especially not the platform is listed as 'friends' too much importance, even thought to involve face. Your friend in the friend. Friends spiritual communication should be polite and not the surface, it is best not to put anyone 'friends network platform' identity freely 'gift' and eventually to their cause unhappiness. If it is in accordance with similar interests to form a small circle of information exchange and interaction can also healthier and more fun. So, we all do not mind when the 'friend', whether or not masked, regardless of the number of operators behind the interests of the calculations, as long as you harvest from something, may also wish to accept it. Network shield boundary normal bounce commentators Wang Junrong just that, in fact, 'shield' the link is like a window, make us more secure, do not think the network is free, can be arbitrary. The more liberal network, may be more dangerous. How to better protect themselves? In reality, you can stay away from some of the annoying 'friend' untouchables, we can not afford to hide? On the network, you can also 'hide' is using the 'shield.' One day, you find that you are 'friends' blocked, accept it anyway, maybe you can not tolerate someone who has a place, if you can recognize and correct for you is also a useful help. Of course, the interaction of social networking platform information, and to nike dunk heels maintain a healthy interesting also have to follow the real world of social norms and habits, Yao Zetsche explained: 'Ensuring social communication security, privacy, freedom, respect, many people in the micro channel and other social media Strong Push Service Under the spell of the face of all kinds of active or passive added or dragged, once beyond the reality of the strength and extent of social boundaries, are often reluctant to this free intimate space is destroyed, so the shield will be their natural choice. 'Yao Zetsche He says, in the situation that, in accordance with the law there. Article 19 'of the United Nations Convention on Human Rights,' wrote: 'Everyone has the right to freedom of expression; this right includes seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds.' This freedom includes the freedom to choose to receive what information, does not receive any information, to whom transmission of information, do not pass information to whom. Therefore, the use of shielding function in my circle of friends, 'let him (her) to see my circle of friends' or 'do not look at him (her) circle of friends', but regardless of the closeness of a social era of normal rebound on their own private space and lawful protection. Yao Zetsche said: 'As for those who are masked, do not be too sad, shield does not mean you are a bad person, but he is not so close you feel like it.' Source: CnBeta


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Wearable device layout in the capital
wearable device as the Internet portal of the value of depression, it is attracting a lot of venture capital layout. Like smart bracelet, smart watches, smart glasses can fill the limelight without a moment two smart phones, mobile Internet market in Nike Air Max 2015 Men order to successfully snatch the cake. Now it seems, has not out of reach. IDG, Matrix Partners, Northern Light Venture Capital, Gobi Air Jordan 7 capital, innovation workshops, Kuehne investment, a large number of early stage investment institutions since last year in the areas of concern, and quickly layout, layout belong to an earlier investment institutions in the industry . Gobi capital investment director Yang Shiyi predicts fourth quarter of this year there Nike Air Jordan 7 will be a lot of wearable devices Flex product onto the market, there will be many cases are invested in the future in the second quarter of next year, 'as in 2011, various institutions concerned about the mobile Internet venture projects, in 2014, more capital will be put into the field of hardware and software combination. 'Gobi capital invested in environmental monitoring a combination of software and hardware projects, and is currently in Nike Air Max 2015 Women the field of children smart wearable devices research. IDG is invested in open source hardware platform SeeedStudio. Do the same open source hardware platform MakeBlock were given a Northern Lights investments. As of September this year, the reporter Statistics wearable technology venture investment case more than 30 cases. Cooler in the market, while popular game business, wearable technology as an Air Jordan Heels emerging field, has burgeoned. It's like when CURRY ONE the whole people do have mobile phones in 2010, the entrance of new mobile Internet device market wearable war is being waged. Internet new entrance Google smart glasses, a variety of market education wearable device innovation possible. 2013, wearable technology is developing rapidly in the area of ??health, intelligent and healthy bracelet watch market is gradually expanding. With respect to the high threshold of smart glasses, the market attracts more number of manufacturers, but also earlier productized. Nike, Fit-bit, Jawbone, ThalmicLabs, Inter-aXon, ZetrOZ, Sony, Samsung, Microsoft, Apple, Casio, and many agencies are speeding up the pace Nike Shoes Global of innovation and R u0026 D. In addition to start-up companies, China's largest Internet companies and hardware are have the layout. 360 introduced the entry-level applications for mobile WIFI, recently also in the field of children wearable products for internal hatch, grand GEAK Smart Watch and GEAK Lord of the James Harden Rings, Baidu developed similar to Google's Baidu Eye glasses also closed beta, millet smart watches will be available. In addition, including Huawei, ZTE, Coolpad, and so a large number of companies have also launched their own smart in wearable incubator Nike Air Jordan 11 Women project. The market Nike Air Max may not be so good. 'For Nike Air Jordan 4 Women example, a smart bracelet, there are a large number of entrepreneurs are doing a bunch of people doing personal feeling now, next year will die a large number of independent operation to make intelligent watch entrepreneurs, after Air Jordan 6 the influx of large companies, there is no What chance. 'China's largest mobile phone / tablet peripheral manufacturers Pcase co-founder Huang Ming Jie said. However, this market is enormous. It is understood that in 2012 China market a variety of devices wearable device shipments reached 2.3 million, the market scale reached 610 million yuan, 2015 China market Nike Air Jordan 5 wearable device market volume will Nike Air Jordan Flight 45 Nike Air Jordan 9 be more than 40 million, the market scale reached 11.49 billion yuan. Indeed, while many of Jordan B'Mo Nike Lunar the wearable device products have been available, D Rose IV but life still far from the public users, especially, there are still a number of key issues of hardware, application services and customer acceptance of the product of these three aspects Nike Air Jordan Women of a direct impact on wearable devices universal. First, the urgent need to upgrade the hardware of life, often users complain, spent 2,000 yuan to buy a smart Nike Shoes bracelet, one day there is no JORDAN electricity. At present, the market is also a lack of killer applications. 'Now look at the hottest wearable device Pebble, shipments of 270,000, APP is one million downloads, with mobile Internet experience point of view, is too small. For VC, this business is difficult to have scale. software and hardware in the field of fire for so long, the total number of domestic VC investment project will not exceed double digits. change in the mobile Internet market, which is unthinkable. 'Wu Feng, vice president of the Northern Lights concluded. He believes that the existence of the current problem of wearable devices, such is the demand to find a narrow niche, rather than the user rigid demand, unable to retain users, use threshold is too high, the data collected can not be converted to the user with valuable information. Gobi capital currently looking for children's intelligence watch area start-ups, hoping to Air Jordan 9 find the child Cheap Nike Free Outlet anti-lost class Internet 2.0 era Nike Shox products. Huang Ming-Jie Tan Yan they have done such a venture, but once it comes to technical problems, the problem of market education, 'ask if there really use Smart Watch is built-in SIM card version, will challenge the consumer habits, unless operators Suppliers have special packages Nike Air Max 2014 Women to promote. 'Huang expressed. Upstream and downstream investment opportunities extremely intelligent router vendors routing (Hi-WiFi) in mid-October has just announced the completion ten million US dollars level A round of financing, the valuation has more than one hundred million US dollars. In May this year, Tencent cooperation with the Union of pushing anti-phishing route Nike Air Jordan 8 after June on the line 360 ??Router. Has been lying in the corner of the living room routers, is being redefined start-up companies and large enterprises. The technology blog got Lei Jun Lei Feng network personal investment in the country to focus on hardware and software combination of reports, known for its founder Lin Jun said the company is also investing in a number of Flex-level projects, but the most promising is doing OEM ODE project or open-source platform, as Nike SB Shoes well as quarterly breakdown, the vertical field. 'I agreed to do ODM, OEM opportunities and potential this are great. However, this segment should be Air Jordan Outlet Air Jordan 8 specific, the vertical field of outsiders looking at some small entrance, but go after, discovered that in fact is a very big market. For example, the data needs of the market and the maternal and child behind, data model all kinds of professional sport, coupled with the algorithm is more valuable after these entrepreneurial teams are very large requirements. 'Huang Ming Jie said. Zeng Liqing founded the investment Kuehne began Nike Running a year ago to get involved in the Flex project has an investment portfolio to two companies, is an angel investment level. 'Our main concern is the box kind of product and smart appliances have relations projects. One is based on the Android kernel system designed to make set-top box, the other segments do is interface design and sensing.' Kuehne Investment Director Deng Haitao said he thought not perpendicular to the vertical is not the focus, the focus is to emphasize intelligent, 'Who can make a play tied with the micro-channel hardware, Bluetooth speakers who do take QQ music, the universal nature of the products, are good chance. 'Like with, Huang Ming-jie also optimistic wearable hardware and software support services,' such as making its upstream and downstream, such as ultra-thin battery, sensor development and sales, most recently seen in less than half a millimeter new battery. 'he said. 'Overall, it in this area is still in a very early stage, there is no iPhone a mobile space, or the automotive sector Tes-la appears. But it is a good direction, because the entry of the mobile Internet will certainly be moved forward . software and hardware in the field can be successful, must be using the Internet to transform the hardware of thinking, transform the user experience, the transformation of production, sales and customer service people. 'Wu Feng expressed.


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RethinkDB in the official website announced that, after five years of development, RethinkDB 2.0 released for Nike Free 3.0 practice! RethinkDB team, said the project has improved Nike Air Max 2013 Women over 2000, 16 major Michael Kors Shoulder Bags release Nike Air Total Foamposite Max iterations made, as well as in the GitHub repository with 3000+ commits ...... references RethinkDB 2.0 is committed to simplifying the creation process, the Michael Kors Accessories user can operate RethinkDB to continuously update the application The Michael Kors Totes exchange site queries. But also can Michael Kors Crossbody Bags use the advantages of a distributed architecture to extend the application RethinkDB. RethinkDB user has hundreds of Nike Air Max 2014 technology startups, studio, Fortune 500 Nike Air Max 2012 Men companies, the following are Nike Air Griffey Max examples of some users: Jive Nike Air Max 2012 Women Software Nike Air Max 1 and Mediafly to enhance the appropriate use RethinkDB Pristine.io and Narrative Clip use RethinkDB websites and mobile applications to Nike Air Max 2014 strengthen Device Cloud Connection Platzi and Workshape.io by RethinkDB to get powerful real-time analysis capabilities CMUNE Michael Kors Nike Air LeBron EE Hobo and NodeCraft use RethinkDB scalability for large-scale multiplayer game RethinkDB venture capital projects, Nike Air Max Nike Air Max 2013 Men 2013 an open source database, the team has 15 full-time team members. In addition Michael Kors Outlet to the core team, RethinkDB have a hundred contributors from around the world, the community now has 100,000 + developers ...... It was such a strong successor contribution team, making Rethink plans to complete open source. With RethinkDB Womens Nike Blazers 2.0 launch, Nike Air Max RethinkDB also Nike Free officially open enterprise services (RethinkDB Nike Air Jordan 29 commercial services), the company's core engineering team will guide customers to deploy RethinkDB 2.0 and user productivity in practice. If you are interested, you can click Nike Air Max Lebron 10 Low here to download and Michael Kors Wallets install RethinkDB version 2.0. Before everything started, you'd better look at a ten minutes guide Nike Free 4.0 RethinkDB Michael Kors Satchels given. Prior to the release candidate version Nike Free Powerlines as well, compared to the 1.16 version of the new features it has (also available here): Support for attaching a changefeed to the get_all command.Support for attaching a changefeed to the union command.Optional EventMachine integration for performing asynchronous queries Nike Free 5.0 in the Ruby driver.Optional Tornado integration for performing asynchronous queries in the Python driver.A new feature in the Air Jordan Outlet 2015 Nike Free 5.0 cursor API that supports consuming the next element in a stream without blocking. Contact RethinkDB and Feedback 2.0.0-RC1GitHubGoogle GroupFreenode Other RethinkDB 2.0 announcement: RethinkDB 2.0: production ready (Central article with video) RethinkDB 2.0 release candidate announcement: Announceing The RethinkDB 2.0 release candidateRethinkDB 2.0 Download: http: //rethinkdb.com/installRethinkDB 2.0 (Yojimbo): YouTubeRethinkDB 2.0 of GitHub address: https: //github.com/rethinkdb/rethinkdb
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US$ 32. mac makeup uk Thanks Tweety!Hotel 2001 (Art Metropole, 2002), Herrmann's latest, showcases (yes, again! mac black friday Top 10 Red Lipsticks.philosophy loveswept Spray Fragrance.


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