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The Bible Meets Potato Chip Science


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21:13, Sep 06 2013

é??ç¸?he Bible Meets Potato Chip Science

If you've stopped by any of my other lenses, you know by now, I love to moncler kids help people see Christ in the everyday. Every aspect of our life can show us something about Abercrombie Outlet God; and potatoes, potato chips and science are no exception!

My daughter found these really <a href="http://www.photo2video.co.uk/abercrombie/">abercrombie and fitch london</a> cool science experiments that are great for kids! But when I heard about them, the first thing I thought of was "That will make a great object lesson for a Sunday School Class." And with that "The Bible Meets Potato Chip Science" was born.

I've finally created enough lessons that it was getting too much for this one page, so at the bottom you'll find links to 4 other pages that feature the other categories of Potato Chip Science Experiments.

The "Potato Chip Science" book is the copywritten work of Allen Kurzweil and his son, Max, so I can't give you the experiments here. That means you'll have to purchase the Potato Chip Science kit. I'll put a link to it below so you'll be able to <a href="http://www.photo2video.co.uk/longchamp/">longchamp sale uk</a> find it easily. But check out what's below and enjoy!

And remember . . . look for Christ in everything everyday . . . He is there! I promise!

Chip Bags Photo courtesy of Arthur Food Finds

MATERIALS 2 chip bags (2.5 oz), scissors, paper towel, Bendy straw, tape

METHOD Do the experiment with the students You might have some alcohol handy to sterilize the straw and let each one have a turn at launching the Bag Blaster. Maybe even see whose goes the furthest.

MEANING <a href="http://www.cai-catanzaro.it/burberry/">outlet burberry</a> read the meaning on Page 3

MUNCH ON THIS You can read the "munch on this" from the Potato Chip Book, but here's the "Munch on This" from the Bible.

Today's experiment showed us how THRUST, DRAG and WEIGHT work in science, but did you know that these three things can also be found in Christianity.

THRUST Acts 1:8 2 Timothy 1:7

1. What did our experiment tell us "Thrust" is? (the "oomph" or power that moves something forward)

2. What gave our "rocket" Thrust? (the air in outlet burberry the bag)

3. What do these verses tell us a Christian's "Thrust" is? (our Power is from the Holy Spirit)

4. What is the Holy Spirit? If you don't know, check out John 14:16 26 as well as John 15:26 16:7 and Isaiah 11:13 (The Holy Spirit comes from God. He IS God. Jesus sends Him to be our counselor, someone who will tell us the right thing to do and help us not be afraid. The Spirit gives us power)

1. What did the experiment tell us "Drag" is? (Drag is resistance, something that pulls against or pushes the other way, something that slows the object down)

2. What caused drag on <a href="http://www.photo2video.co.uk/moncleroutlet/">moncler kids</a> our rocket? (The air if we were outside, wind might)

3. What kind of "drag" did we read about in Hebrews? (everything that stands in our way and sin)

4. What things "stand in your way" or slows you down from using the Power God wants to give us, loving Jesus and doing all the things Jesus wants you to? (sin can include doing things just because your friends do it, not listening to parents or teachers, stealing, lying things that slow us down can include spending too much time with our DS's or TV. When we don't read our Bible or pray it can abercrombie and fitch london slow us down)

WEIGHT John 10:10a Ephesians 6:11

1. What did weight do to our rocket? (caused it to crash)

2. What does John 10:10a tell us causes us to crash? (the thief)

3. Who is the thief? (the devil is our enemy)

4. What does this verse say the thief wants to happen to you? (he wants to destroy us)

5. What does Ephesians tell us causes "weight" in our lives? (Paul says that the devil has "schemes" and that evil will keep us from following Christ and slow us down.)

Every experiment has a conclusion. Our chip experiment helped us conclude that thrust will shoot the rocket, but it needs more thrust to keep going. It has to have something to fight the drag and the weight to keep it from crashing. The same thing happens in our life. The Holy Spirit gives us thrust, but without more and more thrust, the devil, our enemy, the thief will slow us down, trip us up <a href="http://www.barrioroma.it/abercrombieandfitch/">Abercrombie Outlet</a> and cause us to crash. What can we do to get more thrust?

1. What was one thing that Jesus said could be our thrust? (He said He came to give longchamp sale uk life if we trust him, we can have that life and that can be our thrust)

2. What did Paul (in Ephesians) say would be our thrust? (God will give us strength if we depend on his power to make us strong. Paul said to put on God's armor Check out Ephesians 6:1017 to see the FULL armor if you have extra time.)

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