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When you do find one


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00:09, Aug 21 2013

when you do find one

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Please bring 7th Heaven back on the air,I learned alot over the years and im still watching the reruns cause it helps me with the problems I have every now and then,I really love this show its my number one favorite show on tv,all the other shows a good but not as good as 7th Heaven u can't learn about life,God,the Lord,relationships,or with your problems,7th Heaven is the right show for that to learn new things. Its an amazing show,so please please bring it back. I don't like how the show ended like that when Lucy,Matt's wife sarah,and Mary were all going to have twins and just ended the show just like that and then they were going to isabel marant shoes 2013 take a road trip,and Lucy and Kevin were going ot move to Crosswords.

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