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08:47, Aug 14 2013

How To Find Wire Jewelry Projects

Working on wire jewelry can be a worthwhile means to spend one's free time. Wire jewelry projects can be very nice gifts to give for birthdays or during the holiday seasons. If you have a knack with working on wire, you can even run a small business from home. Working with wire requires one to be quite flexible. You can use different materials for your jewelry, such as gemstones, beads, pearls and even shells. Additionally, you can work on different kinds of jewelry, like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and the like.

There are quite a number of online resources where you can find wire jewelry projects that you can work on. Some of these resources have patterns and instructions. Some even let you order wire jewelry kits, which already include the various tools and materials you would need for a wire jewelry project. Here are a few examples.

Step by Step Wire Jewelry. This website is an online version of a print magazine of the same name. The website features tips on where to find patterns and materials. The site also offers designs aimed at different skill levels. Aside from offering tips and advice, Step by Step Wire also features designs sent in by readers.

Beading Daily. Beading Daily is a community for enthusiasts of handmade jewelry. The site offers ideas for various kinds of bead and wire jewelry projects for just about any skill level. For those who are just starting to have an interest in wire jewelry, the site also features a directory of classes that enthusiasts can sign up for or attend, to improve on their skills. Beading Daily also features a gallery of reader submissions. Most interesting are the daily videos that can aid a beginner in learning and improving on wire jewelry making skills.

WigJig. More than an online resource, WigJig actually offers thousands of tools Cheap Earrings Wholesale and equipment needed for wire jewelry projects. Most of the jewelry photographed and featured on the website itself can be clicked to access a description of the jewelry, and instructions on how to make them. These descriptions include materials, supplies and tools needed to work on the project, as well as the time required to finish an item. The description page also tells readers what skills are Cheap Earrings Wholesale needed to work on Cheap Earrings Wholesale any particular project. Easy links to simple lessons are provided. If you're interested in creating a similar piece, then links are provided for you to order the materials or tools online.

Working on wire jewelry can be a great hobby, which you can even turn into a business with enough time and effort. With holidays always around the corner, you will not run out of any paying customers, or at least friends you can give wire jewelry gifts to. The abovecited websites can be great resources for improving on your wire jewelry making skills. With different wire jewelry projects for just about any skill level, you have a wide array of choices to work on, from simple earrings, to complicated necklaces.

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