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Lance Hoyt

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 18:11, Jul 15 2005

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TNA's Lance Hoyt joined IYH this week to discuss the upcoming No Surrender PPV. His new match added to the show, the Hoyt chants, Nashville vs Orlando, Kid Kash, his original name Dallas, Dusty Rhodes, Scott D'Amore, the moonsault, height requirements for Texans, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, AMW and much more including is Kevin Nash the Old School Lance Hoyt ?



The crew also covers Smackdown, gives their predictions on the upcoming TNA PPV in their post show. Animeangel calls in with her entry in the IYH contest. And a stunning declaration by Barbie and Jack...and let's not forget Oneinchbiceps.

Charlie Haas

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 21:39, Jul 14 2005

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IYH is proud to have Charlie Haas on this week. Haas talks about his recent wedding to Jackie Gayda, their recent firings days after returning home from their Honeymoon. Haas talks about getting along with all the road agents in WWE. His only problem being the creative team, which he sees as the downfall of the WWE product. Haas talks about his days in OVW, Jim Cornette, Tough Enough, The Diva Search, WWE Morale, Bob Holly, his late brother Russ, Rico, Shelton Benjamin, Kurt Angle, John Laurinitis, Jim Ross, his future in wrestling and much more in a very noteworthy edition of In Your Head !!!


Ox Baker

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 18:42, Jul 13 2005

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The legendary master of the Heart Punch Ox Baker joined IYH this week !! Ox goes off on the host Jack for his shoddy computer. Ox promotes his upcoming appearance on NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest August 19-21 in North Carolina. Ox explains his love for the fans. Ox talks about helping train some current superstars such as Undertaker, Blark Clark, Big Poppa Pump and his new protege Mr Sexy. Ox Baker answers all the questions from the IYH message board. Hear Ox Baker give Jack a lesson on talking over Barbie and himself in an entertaining edition of In Your Head.

Please check out http://www.nwalegends.com/ for information on meeting Ox in person and many other Legends.

Bryan Alvarez

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 20:15, Jul 06 2005

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IYH is back, with the newest entry by the Flea. Bryan Alvarez joins the show for a great interview. We talk in depth about the recent WWE firings. Eyada memories, working with Dave Meltzer. The recent Diva Search, the new F4W website and the famous newsletter, Super Chico days and DVD's. Injuries in the ring, his retirement, adult magazines, Alvarez's Granny. RD Reynolds, unearthed Alvarez/Meltzer photos and much much more !!! Followed by a totally insane post show that only the IYH crew can or would want to tape and air for the public !!!

WNL's Trey and JSK

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 23:21, Jul 05 2005

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Wrestling News Live's Trey and JSK joined the show this week. Along with Barbie, Incher and Jack, the 5 guys talk about the week in wrestling. We also had Walkman in this week's IYH contest entry. WNL spills the beans on their favorite cold beverage sponsorships plans in an IYH exclusive. Upstart radio shows, GIR, Ryan Leaf jerseys, JSK's mysterious night with Lolly Pop, Hulk Hogan, Flair/Kurt Angle, Nipple Slips, women stuffing their mouths with weenies, TNA, Paul Heyman, TNA vs WWE dream matches, ECW....my head is going to explode just listen to the damn show already !!!


Steve Corino

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 20:33, Jun 29 2005

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The King Of Old School Steve Corino joined In Your Head this week !! Corino tells us why he wasn't at the ECW One Night Only PPV, or the Hardcore Homecoming Show. His current AWA title victory. His memories of ECW, the Funkin Dojo,Dusty Rhodes road trips with CW Anderson and more !! Wrestling for Zero One, Hustle, MLW, TNA and ROH. Corino talks openly about the Yakuza in Japan. Check out www.stevecorino.com for more information on his school and where to see Corino defend the AWA world title across the USA and Japan !! Plus some wrestling news recap with the IYH Crew. And Casinoman's live entry in the In Your Head contest. Check out the new and improved site now !!!

Lanny Poffo

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 18:38, Jun 21 2005

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The IYH crew are back !! We talk to the Phantom on air. The Phantom breaks kayfabe and mentions the true identity of Jack on air !!! We also discuss the recent GIR tirade on IYH !! We go into depth on the ECW PPV. Lanny Poffo joins the show for an entertaining interview. Quotes many of his poetry. Gives his thoughts on Ole Anderson. Memories of his wrestling career. His run as Gorgeous George that never made TV. Memorable ribs of Mr Perfect Curt Hennig, The British Bulldogs and more Talks about his returning to in ring action. Thoughts on Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, Jake the Snake, Iron Sheik and many others. And how to order both his poetry books. And the newest entry in the IYH contest, Captain Fabulous !! Two guests in one show, how can the IYH crew ever top this ? Should we just hurl ourselves off a cliff now ?

Visit http://www.lannypoffo.com for more info on the Genius Leaping Lanny Poffo !!

10th show

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 18:38, Jun 08 2005

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The In Your Head Crew returned once again. We go in depth into the upcoming ECW PPV. Our love of the ECW angle on RAW, and Incher's deep hatred for banners. We are joined by Gangsta Rapper and IYH fan Duckman !!! Duck gives his thoughts on the ECW show as well. Jack and duck share some Dungeons and Dragons stories. Hulk Hogan running for office, New Jack, and much more. Jack does some old school RUNDMC rapping. Barbie does the human beat box as Duckman lays some freestyle upon IYH. Listen to the emotional quitting of OneInchBiceps, and his heartfelt return to the show. The ups the downs, the laughs the cries. And the first audio entry of the IYH Autographed Photo contest as IYH's #1 female fan Rogue sends her thoughts of In Your Head !!!

9th show

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 18:38, May 25 2005

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The IYH Crew returns for Wrestling News Recap. We cover the ECW Paul Heyman / Vince Mcmahon Eric Bischoff. Thoughts on the ECW rebirth. We admit our love of Big Vis. The Ric Flair baby face turn heel turn. HHH's departure and come back. Court Bauer and everything else going down in the world of Wrestling !!! Loyal Jackers, Inchamaniacs and Barbaholics listen to the end of the show for your chance to be heard on IYH !!!

JJ Dillon

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 18:38, May 18 2005

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JJ Dillon joined In Your Head. He went in depth into his early career in wrestling, Hear about how JJ got his start from just being a wrestling fan, and how he moved from Referree to wrestler to Manager. The original Shiek, Bruno Sammartino, Vince J. McMahon, and many other legends of the game. JJ gets into some of the lost arts of wrestling and touches upon his views of the modern day business. A great interview that only scratches the surface of his legendary career and his vast knowledge of the business.


The In Your Head - No-Show Show!

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 18:37, May 16 2005

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The planned guest for this week didn't turn up, but we still love him and will reschedule. Fear not IYHamaniacs, we do have a show for you - except this one is, erm, a no-show show. The fans demanded it, and who are we to argue?

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7th show

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 18:37, May 10 2005

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In Your Head's wrestling recap. The IYH crew discussed some wrestling issues this week. Feelings on TNA including Dusty as booker, uses for Matt Hardy, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss and much more. Feelings on HHH and the problems with the brand split. Christian,Edge, Hulk Hogan, Big Vis the Andre the giant DVD and a plethora of other wrestling and non wrestling related topics. An appetizer of a show building to the Bryan Alvarerz and Missy Hyatt upcoming shows !!! Join Jack, Oneinchbiceps and an emotionally broken down Barbedwire for an hour of wrestling goodness !!

RD Reynolds

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 18:37, May 01 2005

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RD Reynolds joins In Your Head. RD relives memories of his indy wrestling days. Jack and RD share a bond in terrible wrestling booking ideas, can they talk Incher into sinking his life savings into a wrestling promotion we can book into the ground ? Find out how a fan site grew into a phenom, into a book and continues to grow. How RD wrote the Death of WCW book with Bryan Alvarez a man he never met ? What wrestlers are fans of wrestlecrap, the few legends like Oscar who have had problem being considered wrestlecrap. The problems he faced over the wrestlecrap name itself. And RD becomes the first and most likely last in the Tatanka War Chant challenge. But did Jack help solve RD's 13 year old quest of Tatanka..Buffalo ? Infamous gimmicks, air brushed muscle suits, update on the health of the Earthquake and much more in a fun episode of IYH.


CW Anderson

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 18:37, Apr 20 2005

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In Your Head in their coming to the dance episode!

We interviewed the Enforcer CW Anderson. An extremely candid and entertaining interview where he talks about his 3 days of hell at the Power Plant and his hatred at the time for Buddy Lee Parker. His stay in ECW, including Razor Wire, Tommy Dreamer's ribs that got CW to puke !! MLW, the Extreme Horseman, Dusty Rhodes and his WWE try outs and feeling of TNA. The historic meeting with Ole Anderson! How did the bitter Ole react to meeting with the new generation Anderson? Wait until you hear the story of CW, Steve Corino and Spanky in a Japanese S&M parlor!


4th show

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 18:36, Apr 14 2005

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Just when you thought it was safe, we're back again to flip your wig clean off. Reaching levels of freshness other wrestling radio can only dream of, this is IN YOUR HEAD - BROTHER!

3rd show

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 18:36, Apr 05 2005

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"Post it, daddy!" Incher screamed to me in his best Bill Alfonso impression. I ran off to post it as fast as I could, if only to escape his whistle.

2nd show - The Wrestlemania Pre-show Special Edition

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 18:36, Mar 31 2005

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The nay sayers said Jack you cant do another show, you shouldnt do another show, you cant top the inaugural edition. But we aim to prove them wrong. Jack and Incher are not flashes in the pan. In Your Head the Inaugural edition will not go down in the history books as a one time moment of greatness, a single finite masterpiece. NO, it was Jack's seed planted in your soul where our show will blossom and grow into a mighty oak deep within your hearts. Travel on the journey with us, as we embark on the quest to make In Your Head the obscure wrestling related internet only talk show that an elite few will love, or at least know exists.

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Inaugural show

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 19:35, Mar 16 2005

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Its finally done, the long awaited, sure to never live up to expectation no matter how low they may be !! In Your Head Audio !! We went in depth into the mind of Barbedwire. Incher left no stone uncovered as we spellunked into the deep caverns of Barbie's brain !!

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