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Audio Archive

Harley Race

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 19:34, Oct 19 2005

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Terry Funk

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 22:46, Oct 12 2005

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Bobby Roode & Tony Hunter

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 05:00, Oct 05 2005

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Jack & Rick Special Post TNA Recap Show

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 00:59, Oct 01 2005

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Join Jack from IYH, and Rick from www.radiohaven.net following the TNA debut show on Spike TV. We will be live for an hour discussing the show, and taking your call ins to tell everyone what you thought of the debut show. 508-644-8503 (long distance charges may apply).

"One day, when the book is written about professional wrestling, historians and scholars might look back at October 1, 2005 as the begining of a new era, on the level of the first Nitro, the birth of the nWo, and the first Austin-McMahon match.

Call into the show and be part of this landmark occasion! "

IYH Historian Buck Winchester

(Note: Approx. the first 15 minutes of the show were not recorded, my fault, sorry! -Tyler)

Jimmy Hart

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 20:03, Sep 28 2005

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Tony Atlas

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 19:58, Sep 22 2005

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Tony Atlas was our big guest this week. Tony joined us for a chat in the middle of his famous pork chop dinner. We talked about Ox Baker, toughness of wrestling, body building, hard road schedules, Jack's Grandmother's fried chicken and so much more. In an entertaining edition of IYH that only the Crew of Jack, Barbie and OIB could deliver.

And dont forget the big Tribute to Starrcade show and fanfest at http://www.carolinachampionshipwrestling.com

Jimmy Valiant

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 20:55, Sep 21 2005

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The Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant was our guest this evening. Boogie addressed the rumors he may be leaving with Baby Doll on his arm. He talked about his 40 plus years in the business, and his upcoming autobiography. We also duiscussed IYH legend Ox Baker, music in wrestling, Jimmy's wrestling Camp, territories, his beard, Paul Jones, Memphis, NWA and so much more. So what are you waiting for ? Listen now !!

And see Boogie Woogie Man as the special ref in the big Dusty Rhodes vs Tully Blanchard main event at A Tribute To Starrcade November 19th in Spartanburg, SC.

The Call In Show

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 21:46, Sep 13 2005

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We took a bunch of call ins from the IYH fans including Ryan James, Carnage, Anime Angel, Duckman, Casinoman, Walkman and WNL's Trey and JSK.

Hope this show will quench your IYH thirst til our next one !! We tested the waters on the fan callins...and they seem safe !!

IYH Special: Live WNL Invasion

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 19:23, Sep 12 2005

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Hey gang, IYH has a special "live" version of the infamous WNL with IYH show. This isn't the pretty cleaned up version you can hear on www.audiowrestling.com this is the raw pure IYH version, awkward moments included !!

Hear the crew take the helm on WNL. We take a plethora of phone calls as we go over the tremendous TNA Unbreakable PPV. We talk to Duckman, Toast Hogan, The Flea, Anime Angel 3 times, Ryan James, Carnage, Rick from Radiohaven, GDM, Walkie, Stardibardfast, Casinoman and probably some I'm forgetting.

We had returning calls from a progressively more drunk JSK, Trey and Adam Martin !! Along with surprise appearances by Johnny Candido, Monty Brown, Ron Killings, Tracy, Cassidy Riley and Christopher Daniels !!

The over 3 hour journey of hardcore IYH-ness that will lead you nowhere !!

Don West

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 20:11, Sep 08 2005

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Don West joined IYH this week. Promoting the upcoming TNA Unbreakable PPV this Sunday only on PPV. Don talks about his Home Shopping days, the SNL skits with Will Farrell, Vince Russo, Jeff Jarrett, Scott D'Amore, TNA catering, his love of Wendy's, Marvel Comic Books Thor vs Iron Man, Mike Tenay, the X-Division, Tag Team wrestling, XXX, Amazing Red rant, the patented Don West Hard Sells, Orlando vs Nashville...and OH MY GAWD SO MUCH MORE....LISTEN NOW...IT'S THE GEM MINT 10 INTERVIEW OF ALL INTERVIEWS !!!!

Plus the Crew were also joined by Referee Jason Jennings to talk about indy wrestling and an upcoming benefit show, and RVD autograph signing for the victims of the Hurricane. For more information please contact wresref@aol.com or visit http://www.freewebs.com/refjj/

Dave Meltzer

Posted in Audio Archive by Oneinchbiceps at 21:32, Aug 31 2005

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Adnan Alkaissy

Posted in Audio Archive by Oneinchbiceps at 21:34, Aug 24 2005

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Sheik Adnan was our guest this week on In Your Head. Adnan talked about his autobiography covering not only his career in wrestling but his amazing life starting out in Iraq. Adnan talked about Saddam Hussein, Sgt Slaughter, Bruiser Brody, Verne Gagne, AWA, WWF, his days as Billy White Wolf an American Indian wrestler, and an incredible story of Hussein threatening Andre the Giant's life in Iraq. All this and much more, including the IYH crew discussing Summerslam. And the RAW recap as we were joined by IYH fan Whipwreckisgod.


Greg Valentine

Posted in Audio Archive by Oneinchbiceps at 18:07, Aug 17 2005

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Greg The Hammer Valentine joined In Your Head this week to promote his upcoming appearance at the NWA Legends Fan Fest. The Hammer talks about how he got the name, his legendary Father, Ric Flair, crazy ribs pulled by the Bulldogs, the lost art of selling, his new seminars, wrestling on the indy's, Ron Garvin, stiff chops, The Hall of Fame, WWE, WCW, Dusty Rhodes, Bill Watts, Brutus Beefcake and the Dream Team, Dino Bravo, The Honky Tonk Man, Tito Santana, Wahoo McDaniels, and oh my so much more !! The man has been in the business for 30 years, how can I recap it all here ? Go listen to it now !!!

Ron Hexe

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 10:59, Aug 17 2005

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Ron Hexe writer and singer of the infamous In Your Head Andre the Giant theme song was our guest this show. Ron breaks kayfabe as he calls Jack by his real name. The crew and Ron talk about wrestling memories, his musical inspirations, Ron answers questions from the message board, enters the IYH contest and tells us of Undertaker's love of ice cream sandwiches. Ron offers a free CD for the new IYH contest.

Plus in the post show the IYH Crew talk about the week in wrestling including hirings and firings, new chants for the poor Hebner kid, and we go over the upcoming TNA PPV. The laughs, the cries, the secrets, the lies and everything else you've come to expect from In Your Head Daddy !!!

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Ron Killings

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 22:12, Aug 13 2005

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Ron the Truth Killings joined In Your Head this friday. Talking about the upcoming TNA Sacrifice PPV this Sunday !! His tag team match on the show with Konnan vs Kip James and Monty Brown. His time in XPW with a name no could pronounce or remember, K-Krush, and K-Kwik in WWE, changing his name to Ron Killings, Vince Russo, Dusty Rhodes' hip hop knowledge, Scott D'Amore all this plus more including K-Dawg's shoe !! Ron also gives us some free style rhymes in honor of IYH fan Duckman (who's CD can be bought at http://www.thecaffeparadiso.com/ ).

Plus the Crew were joined by the debuting Toast Hogan, Butter !! And new fan CJ Styles !! Both entered the IYH contest to win a free DVD and autographed IYH Crew photo.

Ricky Morton

Posted in Audio Archive by Oneinchbiceps at 17:55, Aug 11 2005

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One half of the Rock N Roll Express stopped by In Your Head this week. Ricky cut come great promos on the state of the wrestling business. Including the WWE, Tag Team Wrestling, Drawing Money, the lost art of selling, baby faces, cutting promos and much more. Nothing was held back !! He also talked about memories of wrestling Ric Flair, the Road Warriors, the Midnight Express, The Anderson Brothers and many other NWA legends which you can meet in person by attending the NWA Legends Fan Fest !!

In the post show we were also joined by the returning Casino Man. And the ungoing debate over Hulkamania between Barbie Richards and The Walkie Boys. All this and much more in a GEM MINT 10 edition of IYH !!!

Stan Hansen

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 19:56, Aug 04 2005

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Stan The Lariat Hansen joins IYH this week !! Stan talks about his time in AWA, New Japan, All Japan, ECW, WCW and WWWF. Memories of Andre the Giant, Terry Funk, Bruiser Brody, Giant Baba, Antonio Anoki, Hulk Hogan, Ole Anderson, Lex Luger, Verne Gagne, Danny Hodge and many others. Hansen gets into stories of Breaking Bruno's neck, the night Vader's eye was injured, Japanese wrestling and culture, working stiff, chewing tobacco and so much more !! Don't forget to check out the NWA Legends Fanfest to see Stan in person and many more Legends !!

Also in the IYH post show we are joined by IYH regulars the Flea and Walker. The newest contest entry by Lucifer. Jack and Incher go head to head in a heated debate over Vince McMahon, Jesse Ventura and the upcoming Mania DVD boxed set. The Flea and Jack talk about their recent RAW trip, and Barbie sings a song for Flea's 15th Anniversary.

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Ed Ferrara

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 14:25, Jul 27 2005

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Former WWE, WCW writer and TNA commentator Ed Ferrara joined In Your Head this week. Ed talks about his epic 9 hour DVD shoot interview with Vince Russo. His book of short Horror Stories which is now available on his website. His thoughts on newsletters, the infamous Jim Cornette incident, his days as Beautiful Bruce, TNA including the memorable spear, groping Francine and Don West. Also, his favorite wrestling angle he wrote, Big Poppa Pump, Stone Cold Steve Austin, OVW, WCW, WWE and much more !! PLUS stay tuned to see if Ed takes Jack up on his offer to be the 4th co-host of IYH.


We were also joined by IYH fan Walkman, who took Barbie to task over his recent Hulk Hogan rant. And IYH recording artist Duckman !!

Lance Storm

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 17:14, Jul 26 2005

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Lance Storm joined IYH this week. We discussed his wrestling school, time in OVW, his ECW memories. The ECW One Night Only PPV. Jack's sound died and Barbie and Incher took over from here. WCW's proposed angle for Lance's debut involving Eric Bischoff. The Team Canada concept and reality. The creative direction Lance was heading when WCW closed it's doors. Lance's WWE debut and subsequent nothingness. Lance's opinions on how he should've been used during the Invasion angle and later in his WWE run. Lance and Barbie discuss the importance of effective use of TV time in establishing stars. Storm Wrestling Academy applicant specifications and the different things Lance can teach. Barbie's emotional goodbye to Lance Storm.



Paul Bearer

Posted in Audio Archive by Tyler at 20:35, Jul 20 2005

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Percy Pringle III joined IYH for great interview covering his career as Paul Bearer and Percy Pringle. Topics we cover include Undertaker, road stories, his thoughts on Vince McMahon, his health issues, his time in Dallas and Florida, Kane, the unmasking of Kane, TNA, Jim Cornette, his favorite manager Bobby Heenan, breasts dipped on BBQ sauce, Madison Square Garden, the origin of the Paul Bearer character, being incased in a tomb of concrete and much much more !!!



We were also joined by The Angry Hero of Monday Night Mayhem in our post show.


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