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IYH Iron Man Edition

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 19:46, Apr 25 2007

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IYH went over 2 hours with no breaks as an homage to the HBK vs Cena hour match on RAW. We took many calls and talked about many topics, too many to even begin to mention here. We also gave away the 4 Horsemen DVD supplied by http://www.matmaniacs.com

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Joined: Apr 19 2007
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19:58, Apr 25 2007

well it felt good to finally recieve that DVD, should enjoy it.


Joined: Sep 04 2005
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09:59, Apr 26 2007

my calls are the best


Joined: Apr 12 2007
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10:02, Apr 26 2007

Good for you Goosey , glad you won the DVD. Great show and great name for the show ! Whats the deal about that Master Shake call!!!??!! Did you guys set that up!

World Champ

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10:04, Apr 26 2007

No, it was just some dude.


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Location: San Diego, CA
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20:43, Apr 26 2007

I would've been upset if that shake guy won it.


Joined: May 01 2007
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19:40, May 01 2007

Funny show

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20:30, Jan 17 2013

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01:05, Apr 23 2014

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22:37, Jul 16 2014

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02:32, Jan 22 2015

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