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Playboy Buddy Rose

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 03:50, Apr 05 2007

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We were joined by Playboy Buddy Rose. Buddy went over many subjects including the 2007 WrestleFanFest this October, Shawn Michaels, the AWA, Roddy Piper, Buddy's upcoming Biography, action figures, Bobby Heenan and so much more in this almost 90 minute interview.

For more information on Playboy Buddy Rose including upcoming appearances, his wrestling school and everything else please visit...

For more information on the WrestleFanFest 2007 including all the events that will take place, the superstars you will see and how to get your tickets please visit...

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12:01, Apr 08 2007

This was the best show since I first joined several months ago.

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15:58, Apr 08 2007

Thanks dude, Buddy was a really strong interview. We could ask him a lot more questions too.


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00:40, May 17 2009

We will be playing a lot of this show on our online radio show at www.blogtalkradio.com/smartmarkradio because it's a great interview and I think people who haven't heard of inyourheadonline.com need to not only hear how good your show is, but also I'm hoping we can get some, if not all, of our listeners to sign up to hear your show. Anyway, as I mentioned before, we will be playing a lot of the clips from this particular show because we're doing a tribute show for Playboy Buddy Rose. If by any chance you get this in time, we'd love to have you call in and tell us what your thoughts were on the legendary playboy himself, and how you felt he was as a guest on your show. Our show will air this evening at 6pm ET, 3pm PT and hopefully we'll get to hear from you guys.

Thank you and keep up the great work,
"Your RoleModel" Ric Lieb

I'm at myspace.com/erolemodel, myspace.com/thestudstable, myspace.com/fourhenchmen, myspace.com/smartmarkradio, rolemodel.8m.com, youtube.com/erolemodel, youtube.com/thestudstable & Sunday's at 6pm ET at blogtalkradio.com/smartmarkradio


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20:44, Nov 30 2012

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20:04, Dec 13 2012

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20:33, Jan 05 2013

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23:10, Feb 28 2013

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19:24, Jul 24 2013

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21:20, May 25 2014

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22:38, Jul 16 2014

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03:17, Jul 22 2014

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