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Playboy Buddy Rose

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 03:50, Apr 05 2007

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We were joined by Playboy Buddy Rose. Buddy went over many subjects including the 2007 WrestleFanFest this October, Shawn Michaels, the AWA, Roddy Piper, Buddy's upcoming Biography, action figures, Bobby Heenan and so much more in this almost 90 minute interview.

For more information on Playboy Buddy Rose including upcoming appearances, his wrestling school and everything else please visit...

For more information on the WrestleFanFest 2007 including all the events that will take place, the superstars you will see and how to get your tickets please visit...

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12:01, Apr 08 2007

This was the best show since I first joined several months ago.

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15:58, Apr 08 2007

Thanks dude, Buddy was a really strong interview. We could ask him a lot more questions too.


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00:40, May 17 2009

We will be playing a lot of this show on our online radio show at www.blogtalkradio.com/smartmarkradio because it's a great interview and I think people who haven't heard of inyourheadonline.com need to not only hear how good your show is, but also I'm hoping we can get some, if not all, of our listeners to sign up to hear your show. Anyway, as I mentioned before, we will be playing a lot of the clips from this particular show because we're doing a tribute show for Playboy Buddy Rose. If by any chance you get this in time, we'd love to have you call in and tell us what your thoughts were on the legendary playboy himself, and how you felt he was as a guest on your show. Our show will air this evening at 6pm ET, 3pm PT and hopefully we'll get to hear from you guys.

Thank you and keep up the great work,
"Your RoleModel" Ric Lieb

I'm at myspace.com/erolemodel, myspace.com/thestudstable, myspace.com/fourhenchmen, myspace.com/smartmarkradio, rolemodel.8m.com, youtube.com/erolemodel, youtube.com/thestudstable & Sunday's at 6pm ET at blogtalkradio.com/smartmarkradio


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20:44, Nov 30 2012

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Inside a present interpersonal situation in which world are usually investing 1000s of dollars trendy things, the phenomenon pertaining to custom handbags have inescapable. This idea connected with carrying custom made handbags is not new. Not just there is purchasers an exclusive fashion sense along with pride and also tenders as well as prospect apply for authentic product. If you opt to buy your much-loved custom bag, make sure you get it via some well-known sellers on the market. You must even so consider a number of variables before choosing the particular things.Designer shops within the respective marketplaces place artist products available for sale for the clients who want to look for artist and economical handbags. Generally, these people announce their particular sale made a place throughout mid-year, by means of Could and also July. In addition, they provide excellent discounted as much as 20-40% to help captivate the actual consumers to obtain far more handbags with one move. Although purchasing artist handbags, you need to be obvious with the prerequisites along with taste. Keep in your mind principle coloring option and magnificence in the bag you want to acquire. At these kinds of stores you could possibly get excellent reductions with your invest in and also a great support services likewise. Websites can also be a good supply where one can buy their own much-loved handbags in very reasonably priced asking price. Together with the introduction of e-commerce it's now come to be to settle on your current much-loved merchandise together with authenticity and assure. Equally stores, these online stores also offer Hermes belts the opportunity to decide on preferred handbags at a wide sounding range of products make the transaction herewith. Searching from a web-based store is definitely which has a amount of add-ons with researching to the conventional manner of shopping.Branded handbags will also be inside a large requirement currently. This is the reason you might also for your branded providers whom have a worldwide status throughout giving high end handbag, for a good purpose. Their items are usually of top quality simply because they make use of excellent resources and design. In the marketplace right now trendy and economical handbags range can be acquireable in plenty of styles and colors. This is why these kind of bags have been in even larger demand. Generally, designer handbags tend to be globally better known for their good quality stitches and trendy seems to be. Once you check out buy a couple low cost handbags or artist handbags, it is recommended to find out if the property owner provides good quality and ensure to the merchandise.When you might be trading enough funds in from suppliers custom handbags, you may absolutely have profitable gains. However, you should make sure that you order these kind of artist handbags through reliable on the internet seller whom provide along with whole warranty and without any invisible prices. A clearly said distinction the actual and also the fake custom made stuffs ought to be on top main concern.

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After having a challenging days operate there's nothing convenient in comparison with laying on hot and comfy home bedding which could someone get on their delicate sleep inside a bag bed linen. This designed cloth is the two pleasing for the eyes and mild on the body Hermes belt UK , the truth is that has contributed a whole lot to have a good nights sleep. Whenever someone decorates your house, it is sometimes hard to mention any room if you are searching for tactics to embellish your current room, then you definitely need to consider to purchase a beautiful bed in a bag comforter cover.Which situations are included in a comprehensive number of cargo area in a bag bedsheets?The most significant materials used inside structure regarding mattress inside a bag bedding is the foremost excellent of cloth that may be connected with bed-linen, organic cotton regarding best quality constructed from wool, as well as other kind of apparel. Bed linens are composed of your fabrics layered put above a bed frames your bed. Depending on the producer, bedding has a comforter cover, the duvet cover, the fitted linen and a flat sheet. They will behave as blankets and ornamental covers for bedrooms. Bedsheets typically has beautiful habits produced within the bed sheets, improving this looks of your respective room. Just have a fixed that will fit the suites theme and also the mattresses standard visual appeal.Decorating the actual visitor area having cargo area inside a bag bedding setDecorating this visitor place is an important task for a family house loop that could be a residence partner as well as is often a enterprise girl also. The leading purpose of adorning the actual invitee area is always to have the guest content and unwind in your home, therefore for your intent it is crucial you need to have got gorgeous seemed guest place. And so, adorning your guest area using nice colours, comfortable in addition to comfortable bed in a bag arranged definitely makes the moor involving visitor pleased and also thinks relaxed, nevertheless, you would like to communicate your personal fashion, appropriate? Consequently, you should look at purchasing a mattress inside a bag set in a great national design to fit your art-enabled invitee space.

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Women these days are really sentient with regards to the means they search, dress and also add accessories. They're absolutely motivated by what is with along with vogue and they've that constant necessity of seeking lovely or perhaps classy all the time. For this reason passion for model and sweetness, fashion offers been through a great evolution. These days, it is not just confined to garments in addition to shoes or boots but in addition includes kinds of accessories and also jewelleries. Outside of these, purses and handbags as well as handbags enjoy an extremely major role. These are extremely modern along with staying very intentional furthermore.One are now able to apply for wholesale totes and handbags in the market far too. The best thing about these people is the fact the prices are quite reasonable. One has the same in a local mall but the just thing that slows down a single from purchasing it there's the price tag, which often is not a difficulty with low cost merchandise certainly. Everyone along with now you can purchase for them.Purses in addition to handbags assist that you total people general mien along with retain types things. There are various bags ideal for various events and becoming the right choice is definitely an fine art just few can easily master. As an example far too shiny as well as elegant bags are certainly not ideal for elegant functions in which understated colored bags needs to be utilised. By utilizing low cost totes as well as handbags, girls and women could individual an assortment with practical expenses. The final slogan of all wholesale dealers will be, "purchase more to pay for less".They are merely excellent for all those girls that adore staying elegant however, not at the expense involving spending wades of greenbacks. Though purchasing very Hermes belt same, there are specific issues that you should bear in mind. First thing is usually to verify as well as check this toughness of this company. That way you can suppose good quality by the due date. Getting a trusted service provider can be extremely challenging often nevertheless thanks to internet search engine like Yahoo and google, this particular huge undertaking has become less difficult.In actuality getting wholesale bags on the web is quick and simple. It could end up being one of many very best you can possibly imagine choices of the living. However there should invariably be proper exploration in an attempt to have an brilliant bargain. To ensure the video store is actually legitimate and also dependable, anybody can check the testimonial articles i.at the. what their customers have written about the subject along with their services. When there is virtually no report order anything is actually below average and it also involves people total attention in addition to concern. Testimonies are something that shouldnt possibly be forgotten as well as disregarded.

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