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IYH Capitol Legends Fanfest Special

Posted in Audio Archive by Oneinchbiceps at 07:35, Aug 14 2006

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OIB, Jack and the Flea in a special live show from The Capitol Legends Fanfest in Rockville, Maryland. For the first time ever OIB and Jack broadcasted the show from the same location, the beautiful Double Tree Hotel in the IYH Suite. We went over the entire weekend from meeting at the airport to all the events of the big weekend. We had many interviews through out the show with Larry Z, Percy Pringle, Lexie Fyfe, Greg Valentine, Stan Lee, Lanny Poffo, Chris Cruise, Stevie Ray, Boris Zukoff, Dr. Tom Prichard and more. We closed the show with some stories from the fans in attendance during the event.

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07:46, Aug 14 2006

Awesome show guys, very funny.

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20:24, Aug 14 2006

Thanks man, it was a blast all weekend


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01:02, Sep 07 2006

Sounded like a great time at the fanfest, really enjoyed listening to the show.

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