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Posted in Wrestling Forums by roungunny at 16:04, Feb 11 2013

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My father was originally diagnosed with parkinson's disease, but then the diagnosis eventually was lewy body disease. as it progresses it's like a combination of parkinson's and dementia. my dad hallucinated (saw things that weren't there) as well. lewy body disease was diagnosed after he was seen by a geriatric specialist. the neurologist was only concerned about his gait disorder and wanted nothing to do with the confusion, memory problems and hallucinations. sinemet did nothing to help him. i understand how upsetting this is, but sometimes waiting to see what develops is all that can be done. have they done a cat scan of your husband's brain? if i remember correctly the hallmarks of lewy body can be seen on the brain. as you most likely know parkinson's is caused by a lack of dopamine which sinemet can help with, but lewy body there are changes within the brain that can be seem with appropriate radiological techniques. sorry, i probably haven't been of much help, but i understand your anguish. good luck.

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I'm not going way out there but a good omega complex is also important. and vitamin d, at least d3 is another must take. watch the source, however. some forms are better than others. a good fish oil is probably better.
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