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Hambone Shoot Interview

Posted in Fan Shoot Interviews by Jack at 23:33, May 25 2006

Interviewed by Wacko Bob

[Wacko Bob] 12:15 am: Welcome to the second addition of the IYH shoot interview series
[Wacko Bob] 12:16 am: today we are joined by a real entertainer of the IYH boards
[hambone] 12:16 am: welcome all you scumbags perverts and run of the mill losers
[Wacko Bob] 12:16 am: Hambone
[Wacko Bob] 12:16 am: How are you rite now?
[hambone] 12:17 am: im sittin here talkin to wacko bob at 12:20 at night how the hell do you think i am
[Wacko Bob] 12:17 am: To start it all. Tell us how you found out about IYH.
[Wacko Bob] 12:17 am: lol
[hambone] 12:17 am: this sure is a purty place ya got here
[Wacko Bob] 12:18 am: well we call it home
[Wacko Bob] 12:19 am: how did you first discover IYH?
[hambone] 12:19 am: well i was a fan of gir and used to check out the message board this fuckin loon jack started postin shit about some show interviewing losers like oro and jftr i wanted to kill that mother fucker and his little sidekick oneinchbiceps
[Wacko Bob] 12:19 am: lol
[hambone] 12:19 am: it went on for a bit and then they started talkin about an audio show and the nuts went and made their own board so thought id listen to this shit
[hambone] 12:20 am: and to my surprise not only wasnt it the worst piece of moose turds i ever listened to it was pretty fucking good and had me laughing
[Wacko Bob] 12:21 am: so you really started to enjoy it
[hambone] 12:21 am: they had me hooked i reckon then aw started those god damn awards so thought id register my name and vote for iyh
[hambone] 12:21 am: eventually i started posting on the board and the rest is history
[Wacko Bob] 12:22 am: For those the don't know Hammy is a man of entertainment and controversy too
[Wacko Bob] 12:22 am: When you first came on it seemed like Flea was your only friend
[hambone] 12:22 am: let me add this i love iyh but jesus fucking christ all you god damn losers with your peckers in your hand jerkin the gerkin to jack incher and barbie you cant go and make your own show you gotta have talent not just be some fucking retard on a message board
[Wacko Bob] 12:23 am: as people took time before they came around and understood you
[hambone] 12:23 am: i dont give a fuck about friends i keep the heads of my prey as not only ash trays but something to talk to and unlike friends they dont talk back or ask me for shit
[Wacko Bob] 12:24 am: tell me about some of the poster on IYH. Whats your feeling about them?
[hambone] 12:26 am: hell i dont give a good god damn if your a fucking wwe mark like xt or some drugged out loon like rickrudesmustache and the flea if ya like iyh then god bless ya but for all you fucking leeches out there who want to plug your garbage all over the iyh board to suck from the charisma from the pecker of iyh get the fuck out
[hambone] 12:26 am: gimme names wacko and ill tell ya what i think about them bastards
[Wacko Bob] 12:26 am: Who would you say are some of the best posters on IYH?
[Wacko Bob] 12:27 am: okay
[Wacko Bob] 12:27 am: Rogue
[hambone] 12:28 am: rogue is a fine little lady she is a favorite of the hambones i got a soft spot for her hell id give her my last pickled eyeball if she was hungry
[Wacko Bob] 12:28 am: Walkie
[hambone] 12:29 am: well walkie is a leech his god damn show the walker views is a fucking joke its gone on too long and it aint funny no more all his guests are message board posters from iyh that being said hell if he listens to iyh and jack is aight with him then what can i say about him ill let him live
[Wacko Bob] 12:30 am: I mentioned him already. The Flea
[hambone] 12:31 am: the flea is one crazy mother fucker he reminds me of my nephew teddy who sniffs glue and puffs on whipped cream cans and runs around the super market with his pants around his ankles yelling bonzai hes cool with the hambone
[Wacko Bob] 12:32 am: Raven Effect
[hambone] 12:33 am: re is fine with me ill give that little yamaca wearer credit he takes a lot of shit from the other posters on the board and he keeps on truckin unscathed i respect that little bastard
[Wacko Bob] 12:34 am: Casino Man
[hambone] 12:35 am: well hes been with iyh since the start i reckon he is an annoying little yuppy that hammy would love to drag up a hill from the back of my pick up i reckon hes alright just needs a good beatin or 2 to set him straight
[Wacko Bob] 12:36 am: XT
[hambone] 12:38 am: i reckon hes got wood right now while hes dreamin of vince mcmahon hes a total wwe mark typical self loathing smart mark who thinks hes superior to dave meltzer yest he hates him at the same time
[Wacko Bob] 12:39 am: The New Comer, MrsBigRedMachine
[hambone] 12:40 am: another fine little lady she even knows somethin bout rasslin plus she gets wet over a deranged mad man who burns people up so she has to be pretty cool with me
[hambone] 12:41 am: tell her and rogue to send me some titter shots hammy likes the titters
[Wacko Bob] 12:41 am: Buck
[hambone] 12:44 am: i used to think buck needed to grow a nutsac but hes grown on me like those weird warts after i ate those shelly twins the summer my refrigerator broke down
[Wacko Bob] 12:45 am: lol
[Wacko Bob] 12:45 am: last name I'll bring up for rite now
[hambone] 12:45 am: hope your gettin all this
[Wacko Bob] 12:45 am: Wacko Bob
[hambone] 12:46 am: well that picture of him i reckon he would keep me in chili for a long cold winter
[Wacko Bob] 12:47 am: lol
[Wacko Bob] 12:47 am: On to wrestling
[Wacko Bob] 12:47 am: When did you first get into wrestling?
[hambone] 12:49 am: used to watch with pappy hammy i was hooked the day i saw the moondogs rasslers i could relate to
[Wacko Bob] 12:50 am: What was your favorite promotions?
[hambone] 12:51 am: nwa wwf uswa anything we could get on the tv with out too much bending of the rabbit ears
[Wacko Bob] 12:51 am: So you would say you liked them all?
[hambone] 12:52 am: i liked anything with hillbillys rasslin needs more hillbillys
[Wacko Bob] 12:54 am: Who were some of your favorites you would always watch?
[hambone] 12:55 am: hillbilly jim cousin junior uncle elmer my favorite was moondog spot i used to carry around a bone in my teeth just like spot until the day i got in trouble at school when mrs stevens found tommys femur in my lunch box
[Wacko Bob] 12:55 am: thats always good
[Wacko Bob] 12:56 am: Whats your feeling on wrestling over the past few years?
[hambone] 12:56 am: so i started carrying a hambone instead thats where i got the nickname
[hambone] 12:58 am: not enough hillbillys and all the rasslers are steroided up pill poppers rasslin listens too much to the INTERNET and think a 5 star classic means dick when it dont mean shit hell hulk hogan sucked a mose turd in the ring but he was the biggest there ever was austin might have been good but he couldnt of been a pile of popcorn kernels as long as he flipped off the crowd drank beer and beat up women all the dumbass scumbag rasslin fans woulda cheered him
[Wacko Bob] 12:59 am: I got a feeling I know how you feel about the WWE. Whats your feeling on the NWA-TNA?
[hambone] 1:00 am: rasslin was spoiled by rocks and austin types you aint gonna find someone with both the personality and the rasslin ability they should just narrow it down to finding the ultra charsimatic and forget about match quality cuz only losers sittin at their computer jerkin off to roh matches give a shit and they are gonna watch for the rest of their meaningless lives anyway you stupid bastards
[hambone] 1:02 am: tna sucks they have a bunch of scrawny kids that i could beat up back in high school i dont want to see that i want to see tough looking men not pansies jumpin around like gynmnists
[hambone] 1:02 am: dont get me wrong that has its appeal hammy can watch a couple mexicans jumping round landing on their heads like a couple dumb pricks but you gotta have people the fans care about and see as special on top
[Wacko Bob] 1:03 am: Mid South/UWF must have been a favorite of your then
[hambone] 1:04 am: i liked it all
[Wacko Bob] 1:06 am: Looking at wrestling when it was at a height a few years ago with WWE, WCW and ECW. were you surprised to see it come crumbling down like it did?
[hambone] 1:08 am: hell no everything comes to an end rasslin wasnt going to take over the world ecw did some crazy shit but the facts are only a certain percentage of fans are gonna care about bingo hall rasslers by the time it hit tv wwe and wcw had copied most of their shit so it was a copy even though it was the original wcw i reckoned would go on forever cuz of the turner money
[hambone] 1:10 am: enjoy it while ya can folks everything ends enjoy life your ears your eyes cuz ya never know i might be behind ya when walkin to your car and you might just lose any of the above
[Wacko Bob] 1:10 am: What do you think it was that caused WCW to fall?
[hambone] 1:12 am: turner selling out wcw would have lasted forever if it didnt they always had dumb shits in head of the rasslin they never had a leader that sustained the test of time hell if it was still on now they prolly would have bought austin and had a nother big run or the rock or whoever the fuck people can make excuses but if you got a big star then you got a big rasslin
[hambone] 1:13 am: theres tons of reasons russo sucked nutsac they sepnt cash left and right the show sucked and people stopped watching but still ahd an audience rasslin always will
[Wacko Bob] 1:14 am: Looking at wrestling today. Do you see a bright future for any of the shows on TV today?
[hambone] 1:16 am: i can claim to be some kind of psychic but they dont exist if they did then miss patricia would of known i was waiting in her closet with a pitch fork for her to finish the wednesday show at the local carnival
[Wacko Bob] 1:17 am: lol
[Wacko Bob] 1:17 am: Back to IYH
[hambone] 1:18 am: there will come a time when all the stars from the past will have died or be too crippled to make a come back if theres only wwe they wont be able to make new stars forever because they onyl look for wwe types some of the biggest rasslers came from elsewhere and got noticed by wwe with out that option i see rasslin eventually dying out but hell they could find the next rock tomorrow and it would be as big as it was you cant tell they just need a big star or 2
[Wacko Bob] 1:19 am: JFTR was on there not too long ago and he was pushing his apearance on GIR's radio show. Then he did the show talking about shows LIKE WNL and IYH. Did you here that show?
[hambone] 1:20 am: i didnt listen to it once sir adam left gir was dead to me
[hambone] 1:20 am: hell it could be great i dunno i hope it goes on strong i just cant listen to everything
[hambone] 1:21 am: i respect gir and what they done
[Wacko Bob] 1:21 am: you here the recent show with JFTR?
[hambone] 1:21 am: no
[Wacko Bob] 1:21 am: okay
[hambone] 1:21 am: havent listened since sir adam died
[Wacko Bob] 1:22 am: we'll leave that issue alone
[Wacko Bob] 1:22 am: I do agree Adam leaving lost me too
[Wacko Bob] 1:22 am: What was your favorite IYH show to date?
[hambone] 1:23 am: terry funk was pretty damn good
[hambone] 1:24 am: i like the legends they got the stories percy pringle ricky morton race tully watts ox baker gary hart is a great interview that dont get mentioned much
[Wacko Bob] 1:24 am: Other then IYH is there any other wrestling shows you like to listen to?
[hambone] 1:26 am: like i said i used to listen to gir i dont listen to anything i aint got the time and most of the other shit is boring or marks who think they are some kind of newsmen you fucking idiots iyh dont take itself too seriously they are funny yet they have great interviews as well
[Wacko Bob] 1:26 am: okay last set of questions here
[hambone] 1:26 am: hell i might listen to something here and there catch some meltzer on sunday nights the bryan and vinny show is pretty good after iyh
[Wacko Bob] 1:27 am: I still can't believe F4W has its own show now
[hambone] 1:28 am: bryan dont say much on meltzers show but i caught the bryan and vinny show after iyh its entertaining they are funny yet know their shit good fit with iyh audience i reckon
[hambone] 1:29 am: i had lsitened to that shitacular p2p after iyh before good fucking christ what a pile of horse shit that is
[Wacko Bob] 1:29 am: true
[hambone] 1:29 am: good move dumping that worthless rick
[Wacko Bob] 1:29 am: Who would you say is the best host of IYH?
[hambone] 1:30 am: you trying to break up the crew here wacko i aint gonna answer that they all good together id have to say my home town boy incher is my favorite but they are all great in my eyes
[Wacko Bob] 1:31 am: fair enough
[hambone] 1:31 am: the west viriginia posse of me incher and cooter are some mean mother fuckers so watch your step wacko
[Wacko Bob] 1:31 am: lets get some more names from IYh again
[Wacko Bob] 1:33 am: Slartibardfest
[hambone] 1:34 am: slarti is my boy the man needs some help with chicks showing off your gobot collection and watching dennis the menace cartoons under your battlestar gallactica blanket aint gonna cut it you gotta take the enxt step slarti club gag and rope
[Wacko Bob] 1:35 am: Casper
[hambone] 1:36 am: casper is fine by me we share a common bond with our hatred over the big mosh i think casper has lost some of his spark with out mosh to inspire him he needs to lay off the drugs and get his sorry ass out of the gutter and get a job though
[Wacko Bob] 1:37 am: AA
[hambone] 1:38 am: hell i love everybody hammy is a bouquet of love just dont be a dumb shit and i wont have to cut your nuts off and shove em down your throat bake ya on the oven with a nice ham glaze thats all i ask im a simple man with simple needs
[hambone] 1:39 am: aa was fine by me i reckon i never knew her too well she had some huge ass titters i liked that
[Wacko Bob] 1:39 am: last guy Duckman
[hambone] 1:40 am: duckman is my boy i reckon we could hang out even though we are completely different i dont think we got off on the right foot but that boy is talented all kidding aside he should be on the radio hell if a hillbilly from west virginia who never changes his socks or shorts can like some white rapper he must be fuckin good
[Wacko Bob] 1:42 am: One more person, The Junk Man
[hambone] 1:43 am: junk is fine by me he plasters iyh logos all over his website i like the guys who suck up to iyh hell i dunno hes cool i reckon
[hambone] 1:44 am: jobber is probably the best ass kisser though
[Wacko Bob] 1:45 am: Is there anything you would like to open up and say to IYH or the fans rite now?
[hambone] 1:45 am: if i didnt mention you either your so worthless i dont give a fuck or you need to be fileted gutted and cut up for stew meat or hell i just forgot ya you all add to iyh board in your own way i reckon
[hambone] 1:47 am: send me some questions for my dear hammy column thanks to jack for not banning me when people have asked thanks oib for supplying west viriginia with a heart throb and a hope that thereis a way out for us hillbillies thanks barbie for showing me its 2006 and not all queers are bad and thanks iyh for all the fun times
[Wacko Bob] 1:48 am: Thank you for your time Hammy
[Wacko Bob] 1:48 am: This has been the IYH shoot interview series

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PPV Star

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01:30, May 26 2006

Awesome Hambone and Bob. Loved this read.

PPV Star

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Gender: Female

04:41, May 26 2006

You would give me you last pickled eyeball.. that is so sweet... thank you

Great interview.. loved it.. lol

PPV Star

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04:55, May 26 2006

Great job guys!!!!!
Hammy always cracks me up.
Bob don't forget to do one with Rogue sometime.


Joined: Sep 04 2005
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Gender: Male

06:04, May 26 2006

Rogue will be next.

Walkie was suppose to be the next one before Hammy but we could not get a good time to be on.

PPV Star

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09:59, May 26 2006

Great job guys.

1. Chicks dig Gobots.
2. I never had a BattleStar Galatica blanket, it was
Star Wars!

Well secluded, I see all...


Joined: Feb 25 2006
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09:15, May 27 2006

Ass Kisser?????

World Champ

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14:46, May 27 2006

Jobber, he did say you wewre his favorite though. That should mean something anyway .


Joined: Mar 02 2006
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Gender: Male

17:49, May 28 2006

Bravo to Hammy for taking the high road on Bob's sleazy "Do you like this person?" questions.

PPV Star

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11:26, May 29 2006

Good shit


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12:58, Jun 01 2006

He was a good guy too.

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00:39, Apr 15 2014

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12:55, May 10 2014

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