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Kevin Kelly & Hermie Sadler

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 20:14, Mar 29 2006

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Kevin Kelly comes on to talk about the up and coming www.maxxtremepro.com show Lord of the Rings tag team tournament. Hermie Sadler also appeared, spoke about the TNA house show this weekend TNA Wrestling show at Martinsville Va.

To order tickets to the matches, go to: www.uwfusa.com.

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09:56, Mar 30 2006

I'm glad everyone's gotten to know the real Kevin Kelly, not just the bland announcer who got called Hermie.


Joined: Mar 02 2006
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19:28, Mar 30 2006

Don't miss "Jack's WM Special" as part of audiowrestling.com's all day Wrestlemania 22 coverage this SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!! Two of the brightest rising stars in the wrestling radio firmament, "In Your Head" cohosts Jack and One Inch Biceps, will be joined LIVE ON THE AIR THIS SUNDAY, and joined for ONE NIGHT ONLY by wrestling fan and scholar, Buck Winchester, previewing this Sunday's PPV as well as discussing their favorite memories from the past, and looking into the distant future of the Grandaddy of them all, WRESTLEMANIA!!! You can't afford NOT to hear this once in a lifetime piece of radio history.

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20:23, Mar 30 2006

Wow Buck is the next don West of the hard sell. This was an amazing show we did live the day after the upcoming Hall Of Fame show right before Wrestle Mania !!


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03:45, Apr 02 2006

The Kevin Kelly show was a great show and can't wait to hear the Mania special!


Joined: Mar 02 2006
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09:50, Apr 02 2006

I hope you're not TOO excited about it, Jobber... You'll be let down.


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