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Interview Recap - Jacques & Gabriel Baron

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 03:14, Sep 14 2011

The co-owners of Resistance Pro Wrestling recap.
by Taso the Greek

Jacques and Gabriel Baron of Resistance Pro Wrestling start off the show and Jack starts right in with the questions. Jack brings up Billy Corgan and asks what is his role in this new promotion. The Baron's say they met Billy in Chicago, where they used to promote another federation, and they hit it off with him very well. They came up with an idea to start a promotion with Billy. He will be in charge of creative and roster talent. The Baron's are saying they are getting a good reaction from fans as well as talent. Billy does not want to be on camera, but he will be the booker. He has a lot of ideas and is very much involved and into the planning of the promotion. His angles and ideas are also very different and original.

What makes this promotion different? One element is the various styles, from high flyers to hardcore wrestlers. ECW is mentioned as having many different styles, and they want to be similiar in being able to offer a wide variety of entertainment to the fans. They feel that the sport is on an upswing. They want to give people more bang for their buck.

To get the product to the fans, they will start off with dvd releases. Everything will be filmed in HD. It will have a distinct look and feel. Will there be a lot of music on the show? Yes. They feel that everything is important, from entrances to the pre-show. They want to be a cross between a rock concert and a rock opera.

Their first show will be at the Excalibur in Chicago. They like the look of the venue because it looks like an old church. They don't want to have shows in VFW halls. Unfortunately, no one over 21 will be allowed but it's the price they will pay to make the product look like a combination of a rock concert and a prison riot. They keep saying the venue looks a lot like Thunderdome. They want their first show to be memorable. Incher wants a Master Blaster character, Jack suggests a midget like Puppet from TNA.

Is there a TV deal in the works? No, because they are building things slowly. They don't feel they want to try that until they have things going perfectly.

What will Raven's role be? He will be part of creative. He will be an agent for them, working with the talent. People in and out of the business are excited to have Raven a part of the promotion.

Any new roster additions coming up? A lot is the answer but they don't want to spill the beans. Blow your mind is how they described the names that will be a part of the show.People of Japan and Mexico are looking to get on the show. They all give big props to Joel Gertner, they know the guy for a long time, and a guy who wasn't used properly. He will be on commentary.

The conversation moves toward wrestlers working hurt. The promoters are very proactive about everyone working safe and no one getting hurt and ruining their lives because of pro wrestling. They mention Raven again as an important part of the show and how he will be able to help the young talent.

Teddy Hart question, what's up? They say that Hart has his stuff together and it should be very exciting to see what he can bring to the promotion.

How will the women be presented? They mention Simply Luscious and her pedigree. But the women will be presented as athletes.They don't want to have eye-candy matches. They mention SHIMMER and how amazing it was, which is what they want for their own promotion. They feel that women are given very little as far as angles to work with and they will concentrate on presenting them as serious athletes. They want realistic story lines for their women athletes.

Rowdawg calls in but he hasn't been following the show, so the guys run down the entire roster. Kevin Steen raises Jack's eyebrow; he asks about Steen's polarizing character. The guys put him over big time as a personality. They are looking for big things from Steen.

How many shows per year? Right now they will go with one show per month to start.

What's up with PG? Will this be PG? Realistic and reality based is the answer. No dumbing down of the product. There will be swearing if there needs to be, it all depends on what they are doing and each angle and feud. This promotion will be for the hardcore wrestling fans.

How did they come up with the roster? They sat down with Billy Corgan and put together what they felt was a good mix, from an A roster to a AAA roster. They know who they feel are the best wrestlers, the most underated and underused guys, and they hope to show the world and the big time promotions what these guys can do. They mention that many people have asked them if they want to take down the WWE and TNA, to which they answer that it makes no sense for there to be less wrestling on TV and they don't intend to take on the big guns of pro wrestling.

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