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Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 23:15, Jun 08 2008

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We recapped the TNA Slammiversary PPV moments after it went off the air. We went over match by match, then gave our views on the TNA product in general. We ended with a rant on the current love of women's wrestling that's been sweeping the IYH message board. We took calls from the fans to get their views including Presidet Bill Clinton !! And we called out Guest3746, who turned out to be a punk turkey.

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13:12, Jun 09 2008

damn!!! and nobody told me they were doing a show that night! tha's messed up jackie!!! catch you on the download! hahaha!!! arriba la raza you crazy gringo- i love you all!!!

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15:20, May 25 2014

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04:46, Jun 16 2014

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19:27, Jul 16 2014

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22:34, Aug 13 2014

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