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Amazing Race's Kynt & Vyxsin

Posted in Friday Night Fever by Jack at 01:04, Mar 29 2008

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We were joined by "The Pink and Black Attack" Kynt and Vyxsin of CBS' Amazing Race Season 12. We went over their experience on the show and what it has meant to them since. Their recent photoshoot for Gothic Beauty Magazine, modeling for Hot Topic, The Rock, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, upcoming appearance on "America's Most Terrifying Places" and much more. For more information on Kynt & Vyxsin or just to interact with them please visit:


Kynt and Vyxsin along with many other Reality TV stars will appear at The Reality Rumble Saturday April 5th in
Penn Laird, VA. For more information on how you can purchase your tickets and attend the event please visit:

In the post show Jack and guest co-host Baron talked about Impact, Smackdown and the upcoming Wrestlemania. We were also joined by many callers such as Duckman, Walkie, Norrin and even a brief appearance by Slartibardfast. We went over many topics in pro wrestling including TNA, the lack of protecting giants in modern wrestling and some of the more nasty rib stories in wrestling.

Duckman's new CD "Duckman for El Presidente" featuring The Original Gangsta New Jack will be available on this site soon. If you want to get a copy of "IYH Presents Duckman Eats Tokyo" featuring the IYH theme and the original IYH theme. Plus 20 tracks, artwork by TJ, and IYH fan quotes for only $10 please email njonesy1@msn.com !!

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