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The Aftermath

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 22:20, Jun 27 2007

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We discussed the tragic news of the Benoit family in the first hour. We took many phone calls and let everyone voice their thoughts and feelings on everything that happened including those of the IYH crew. It might be a little more somber version of the show than you are used to.

In the 2nd hour we tried to bring the show back to a more traditional IYH experience and discussed ECW, Ric Flair's rumored retirement, Hogan Knows Best, TNA in New England and the usual IYH banter.

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22:26, Jun 27 2007

Awesome show. I want OIB to climb the tree down my street.

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22:27, Jun 27 2007

Incher is the official tree climber of IYH.


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00:46, Jun 29 2007

I think you guys did a really good job of addressing the Benoit situation. Thought you made a great transition into the second half of the show, from what started as a depressing topic into some good old fashion IYH banter. Not an easy thing to do. Was a real testament to how good all three of you are as hosts.


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14:01, Jun 29 2007

We've all climbed a tree or two to impress a lady

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00:39, Mar 05 2013

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22:33, Jul 16 2014

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